Aug 22, 2010

Wall panels extravaganza

Remember the bedroom with the panels?
Yup, that's an emergency exit door.  In a bedroom.
Accordion-style closet door on the right.  Gag.
No, the color difference of the paneling is not from the lighting.  They are actually two entirely different style panels, in different colors.  Doesn't matter, they're out of here!

So T & E spent a few hours taking those panels out, and here's what they saw:
A failed black paint effort, covered up with mozaic-style tissue paper!
And this, on the opposite side:
I cannot look at pink and green the same way again.
I cried.  But I cried harder when I saw this wallpaper nightmare behind the fridge:

Ewww... I had to scrape all that?
Removing this particular wallpaper was just as bad as removing the twice-as-much painted wallpaper in the living room, especially since it's just gross.  I used my fabric steamer (Well, formerly fabric steamer.  It's pretty much ruined now.) to loosen up the glue, and scraped the wallpaper away.  The heat from the steamer and the general stinky-ness of the kitchen were not pleasant.

As long as we're still in the kitchen, here's a shot of another wall:
Somebody sure loves wall panels.
So we paid some painter to get the panels mudded, thinking we would just paint over it, rather than dealing with the suspected wallpaper underneath:

Apparently it was money not well spent, because our contractor suggested to get rid of the wall paneling altogether, because our fix attempt wouldn't last for more than a couple of years. So fine, let's take down the wall panels.

No wallpaper!!
The house is finally free of wall panels and visible wallpaper.  I can now sleep at night.

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