Aug 6, 2010

New old house

Apparently I can't get away from blogging after all.  I think it's that desire to be heard, regardless of whether anybody is actually paying attention.

This blog is created to document my home improvement and DIY efforts (my sewing blog is here).

Long story short, husband and I got the key to our new house - old "new" house - last week.

Here it is, perched on a slab concrete in its full glory:

*scramble around for pictures*


Well, apparently among the many pictures I've taken of this house, there's none that shows a full shot of the front of the house.  We'll have to make do with this:
(up to front entrance)

Some Sears salesman must have scored big time... the whole house is covered with vinyl siding.

Once the former occupants moved out, we realized there's a LOT of work needs to be done to bring this house up to our expectations.  A "lot" as in more than we expected.  The day after we've got the key, we went to work right away.  More to come!

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