Sep 4, 2011

Jewelry display

I just discovered Pinterest, and have become addicted to it.  It has replaced Amazon as my favorite - and much more wallet-friendly, I might add - site to browse during those restless-mind-keeps-racing-but-too-tired-to-do-anything-physical episodes that I often have.

Anyway, during a particularly intensive Pinterest-browsing period, I stumbled into these nice DIY jewelry displays made out of repurposed materials... frames, windows, wooden suitcase, what have you.  The creativity!  Lacking that, of course, I took these inspirations and copied the hell out of them.

Here are some of the jewelry displays that I like (most found on Pinterest, however I try to link directly to the primary source whenever possible):
Painted wooden suitcase with dowels and cup hooks

Cutlery tray and cup hooks
Old window frames with cup hooks (notice a pattern here?) and window screen
Frame - not my style, but pretty nonetheless - with window screen
Done by the pros
And I made this garish-looking one:
I like to make my pics very big
Ugh.  How do you like 'em yellow.  I can't believe I dared to compare mine with the pretty ones above.  But I did.  And there's nothing anybody can do about it.  Well, they can say something, but I'll probably just laugh at them.  Just like they laugh at my creation.  

I digress.

  • Frame:  From Goodwill, part of a poster artwork.  Originally in black, I lazily sanded and sloppily primed the frame.  As a consequence, it took six (SIX!) coats of yellow paint to make it acceptably yellow.  (I could still make out the black in natural light, but thankfully it will be kept in the fluorescent-basked dungeon that is my closet, so I'm not too concerned).
  • Plywood:  The thinnest plywood I could find, cut to fit the frame.
  • Cup hooks:  Cheaper than knobs.  I use 54 of them. the shortest I could find.  They're not fully screwed in, so as to not poke behind the plywood backing.
  • Paint:  For the frame - Behr Instant Delight, or as I call it, Traffic-Sign Yellow.  But yes it does bring me instant delight.  For the plywood back - Behr Dark Granite.  For the wall: Benjamin Moore Silver Fox (Yes, I'm repainting the house).

Well now please excuse me while I go shop for more jewelry!

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