Jul 4, 2011

Rolling stand for the gigantic printer

Update on the house:  construction is done, we moved in, and we've been quite content.

This long weekend I had quite a few things accomplished.  First, a new camera:

I picked Nikon Coolpix L120 over Panasonic Lumix DMC-ZS8 (which has similar features) mainly because it's more "pro" looking.  :)   And it's just the right motivator to get back to updating my blog(s).... which lead me to this circular saw:

Some of my projects and to-do's require basic woodworking, and I've been putting off these projects because I was intimidated by power tools.  Unfortunately (or fortunately?), the stress caused by the growing list of projects got the better of me.  In a brief moment of bravery, I bought the circular saw on Friday and started working right away.  

I cut some plywood (our first ever electric-sawing exercise!) into a big square and four little squares (using the term "square" very loosely here) and attach some casters to make this little rolling stand for my ginormous 80lb printer, which until now had to be dragged across the floor to reach the computer on the other side of the room, whenever we wanted to use it:

Ta da!  Nifty little stand...  My back thanks you!

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